What We Do

As a trusted partner to some of the top lenders in the US, Hartford Management Group will develop a collections strategy aligned with your business objectives.  Our goal is to protect your brand while maintaining high standards around performance and quality. Our solutions bring together skilled personnel and technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and behavioral analytics to deliver a customized contact approach.

Our team of experienced associates adopt an empathetic, multi-channel approach to customer engagement, leading to proactive resolution and a positive customer experience.
  • Outbound and inbound teams with exceptional negotiation skills, focusing on early stage delinquencies (Day 1-90) and late stage pre default collections (Day 91-180).
  • Customized dialer campaign management strategies for testing, building and implementing fully compliant account segmentation, penetration and contact strategies.
  • Focus on quality and customer service to deliver what’s important to you and your customers.
  • Data analytics and reporting to help your team better understand customer sentiments and emotions and create personalized services.
  • Rigorous compliance through internal audit, complaint, call quality, and change management.
  • Extensive digital messaging capabilities leveraging rich, contextually aware digital media and bots.
  • In-depth associate training in FDCPA Regulations, company policies and client specific requirements, supplemented by continuous monitoring.
Hartford Management Group offers comprehensive collections services to efficiently recoup past due obligations. Our proprietary skip tracing technology identifies the fastest way to reach debtors, even if a significant time has elapsed since charge off, maximizing right party contact (RPC) as well as cash flow. Our integrated solution combines skilled personnel with leading-edge technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and data-driven workflows to drive efficient operations that are fully compliant with regulatory requirements. Post charge off third party collection services

We successfully manage over 1 million accounts annually. Our team of associates come with expertise backed by extensive training, leading to rapid recovery of past due obligations foucsed on a comfortable customer experience.
  • Robust dialer campaign management strategies help build and implement fully compliant account penetration and contact strategies.
  • Account workflow management drives a focused, customer-centric collections process.
  • Deep focus on call quality and customer experience ensures contextually relevant conversations with debtors.
  • Advanced analytics solutions identify accounts with the highest payment potential while liquidation-based strategies boost recovery.
  • Rigorous compliance through associate coaching and feedback, internal audits, as well as complaint, quality, and change management.
  • Extensive digital messaging capabilities leveraging rich, contextually aware digital media and bots.
  • In-depth associate training in FDCPA Regulations, company policies and client specific requirements and continuous monitoring.
Hartford Management Group helps your business take an integrated approach to risk and compliance management. We combine our extensive expertise with leading digital technologies to automate your collections process, analyze compliance and generate reports. Our robust Compliance Management System is designed to deploy key processes across the organization, ensuring compliance with various consumer financial laws such as CFPB and FDCPA while reducing costs. The system leverages speech analytics, training and collections applications to create significant compliance advantages.

A dedicated compliance manager ensures that all client policies and requirements are adhered to.
  • Automated exception reporting, internal and external audits and associate analysis ensure regulatory, contract and client policy compliance.
  • Extensive training, including ‘vulnerable customer’ training, delivers timely knowledge updates while retaining a deep focus on customer experience.
  • A robust combination of industry best practices, trends analysis and processes such as call calibration, detailed account reviews and consumer journey mapping enable quantitative performance benchmarking.

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Hartford Managment Group strives to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely response. Please feel free to contact us when needed!